Friday, 29 March 2013

Back on the trails

After falling at the Ecotrail de Paris, I've been a good boy and rested up.  After a few days, I was able to walk comfortably but any attempt to descend (slopes or sitars) quickly reminded me that all was not yet well.

Ten days on, I went out for a 5k run and, patience being its own reward, I go no pain at all in the knee during the run.  However, everything else below the waist ached a lot.  I suspect this is due two things:  Not being able to do any kind of recovery run after the fall and an awful lot of time spent sitting around.

It was really weird.  Everything ached.  Muscles, joints, soles of the feet.  The aching started almost immediately and stayed at the same level for the whole run.  "Problem" knee perfect, though.  To see if the discomfort would pass, I added a couple more kilometres to the session but nothing changed.

I took another couple of days rest and went again last night.  I set out to do 5-6k and to keep the pace low I went to some new woodland to have a bit of an explore.  This session was a win on all fronts.  The woodlands were great and a bit more hilly/feral than my usual haunt.  The knee was fine and so was everything else.  And I totally lost track of time/distance and went 8k in the end.

In theory, I'm booked on a marathon in 10 days.  If I can get a half-marathon session completed comfortably over the weekend, I reckon I can plod my way around a fairly flat 42k the week after.  If not,I'll see how it goes and maybe sign up on the day for a shorter event.